Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Greece: the elections of 17th June - Reform, Resistance & Revolution

An open public meeting following the Greek elections of 17 June 2012,  where Syriza, a socialist / left of social democrat / radical left coalition narrowly failed to become the largest party in Greece at the elections, having campaigned on a radical left anti-austerity programme. 

Now there is in power a pro-austerity coalition of the old neoliberal parties: New Democracy (conservatives), PASOK (the `New Labour type `ex-socialist' party, supporting the cuts) and Democratic Left (which isn't very left!)

This is a crucial time in the history and development of democratic socialism / Marxism in Europe, with intense anger, suffering, politicisation, class consciousness and the development of organs of class resistance.

Main speaker: Dimitris Tzanakopoulos (Syriza)

Dimitris is an experienced young comrade, who for some years was on the leadership of Synaspsismos, the main constituent of Syriza. He was Secretary of the Central Council of the Youth of Synsaspismos from 2005 to 2009 and a member of the Central Committee during the same years.

Second speaker: Sofia Hilari (Antarsya)

Sofia is a long-time activist in Antarsya

Chair: Dave Hill who works with OKDE-Spartakos and Antarsya Greek comrades in Greece, alongside Syriza comrades, and has just come back from the Greek elections in Athens, having taken part in political meetings and demonstrations/ strikes over the last 2 years in Greece. Dave will present the Antarsya perspective –critical support for Syriza- as part of the open debate.